SkiaSharp vs System.Drawing

This story is inspired by this article. I was developing a .net core project with System.Drawing library. Everything was ok at first.

A part of the project was containing that image files need to draw on a different colored background. I want to share sample files for you to imagine more simply.

input png with alpha channel

The customer wanted it on a green background(#008000 hex color code). I developed it with System.Drawing Library, and it was working as expected in my locale, macOS. After that, I deployed it to our Linux Server.

At that point, I realized that the output in the server was different from the locale one. I also verified expected result on Windows machine. However, the version on the server was not satisfactory. I searched to improve my code during two days. But unfortunately, I did not find any good approach to solve this distortion with System.Drawing Library.

Distorted output in Linux Environment
Distorted output in Linux Environment
Distorted output in Linux Environment

During this time, I also upgraded my project from .net core 3.1 to .net 5.0 in the hope that System.Drawing would be fixed. I didn’t want to install .net 5.0 to server. Because there were other projects still running with .net core 3.1 framework. So, I dockerized the project to test it with .net 5.0 framework on Linux Environment. The distortion has still occurred.

Desired output in Mac and Windows Environments

After that, I decided to change the drawing library. I had a quick search about it. I found this blog. There was an excellent comparison. But each picture does not make any sense for normal eyes. Eventually, I had to choose one of them. It was SkiaSharp for the Google keyword about it. It didn’t let me down.

My sample project can be found on GitHub.

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